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Why dieting in diabetes can change everything

Diabetes is the major driver of diabetes in addition to exercise, which can help reduce your blood sugar levels. The carbohydrates, which are sometimes 50-60 percent of our diet make up our high blood sugar levels are not entirely innocent. This is because carbohydrates in the body are converted directly to sugar. Although the conventional […]

The secret behind diabetes insipidus!

Diabetes Insipidus suffers on average only 1 in 25,000 people. Nevertheless, this disease is associated with a rapid cut in your lifestyle for those affected. The need to drink a large glass of water every 15 minutes often results in many toilet breaks. Unfortunately, diabetes insipidus is not curable. Anyone who suffers from it, has […]

Which symptoms are to blame if I develop diabetes?

We know that diabetes triggers certain symptoms. These include, among others, such as a constant thirst, hunger and fatigue. If left untreated, this will eventually trigger sequelae that can be very dangerous for you. Therefore, it is all the more important to know early on the symptoms and the treatment options. This is especially important […]

To women who do not want to have gestational diabetes

The big moment is here! Finally pregnant. The future parents as well as the whole family are looking forward to this moment. Often, everything is fine until the expectant mother learns that you are suffering from gestational diabetes. This is the moment in which your own lifestyle must be changed. This is the only way […]

How to get your insulin resistance under control

Many people usually suffer from insulin resistance completely unnoticed. It is often noticed only when the signs of type 2 diabetes come to the fore. So often it is only then noticed that something is wrong with your own body. Often an incipient insulin resistance is also associated with the fact that the body must […]

How to fight diabetic foot syndrome with a little care!

As a diabetic there is always the danger to get diabetic foot syndrome. This is a sequelae of diabetes mellitus. If you have a diabetic foot, you are dealing with nerve damage or circulatory disorders that cause you to suffer from a diminished or completely absent sensation of pain. At first glance, you might think […]

Why you should resort to diabetic shoes!

Diabetics often suffer from the problem that footwear is often worn when wearing normal shoes. Often, however, these are not noticed, as many suffer from the diabetic foot, which is associated with circulatory and nervous disorders. As a result, normal shoes without special features can not protect you from injury. Pressing internal seams are the […]