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When you have a long day of work behind you, it often happens that you only want to fall exhausted into bed. When removing the socks, it often happens that one finds prints that were created by this sock.

For many, this is often not a problem. However, if you suffer from circulatory and nervous disorders or are even diabetics, the situation is completely different.

Cutting and squeezing seams can be quite dangerous for these people. In diabetics neglecting the care in an emergency can even lead to amputation of the corresponding foot. To prevent exactly this, one uses socks without gum.

These help people with high blood pressure problems and have a much higher wearing comfort compared to conventional socks. The federal government is specially designed so that it sits just right and the risk of slipping is prevented from the beginning.

Why should I wear socks without gum?

First of all, rubber-free socks promise freedom for your foot. They are comfortable to wear and allow your feet to live a healthy life. This is because they have a positive effect on your veins and the waistband is designed to work seamlessly with no cuffs of rubber.

Socks without rubber are equipped with a special fit. This is achieved by special knitting methods and by the material composition and leads directly to the fact that they behave elastically in the shank and foot but nevertheless fit snugly.

The flat and soft hand-linked toe seam also ensures that they are ideal for diabetics. Their longevity ensures that rubber-free socks do it all and that the purchase will pay off in the long run, even if the socks are slightly more expensive than the standard ones.

Which different versions and variants are there?

We can differentiate between four different versions here. These are soft and stretchy socks first. For swollen and strong legs you also like to use health socks. For the non-swollen and normal-wide foot you are happy to use cotton socks.

And if it should be a bit more comfortable, it is advisable to take comfort socks

– Extra weiche und dehnbare Socken

– Gesundheitssocken für geschwollene oder kräftige Beine

– Baumwollsocken ohne Gummi

– Komfortsocken

Kommen für Diabetiker Socken ohne Gummi in Frage?

Diabetics can also resort to socks without gum. However, there is a point that diabetics need to pay attention to. It is important that when choosing the “socks without gum” be careful that they have a soft and hand-linked toe seam.

This is so important because diabetics have no or little feeling on the feet and therefore do not notice them when they contract injuries to their feet. These injuries can easily lead to serious injury. Alternatively, diabetics can also resort to diabetic socks.

Lohnt es sich alternativ zu Silbersocken zu greifen?

If you sweat frequently on the feet, the handle to silver socks can be pretty interesting. These behave namely antibacterial and are also infectious and odor-inhibiting.

They have this behavior because the silver-plated socks direct the heat back into the foot. The thematic and electrical conductive properties ensure that the static charge keeps the foot warm and at the same time prevents the foot from sweating.

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